What’s New?


New and Improved Mechanical Bulls:

New rubber bull heads

All bulls are made in America with All American Parts. All bulls have soft rubber bull heads making them safer and less expensive to insure. The small modern control panel has bull, stampede and rodeo sounds. There are automatic and manual modes. There are 70 adjustable speeds. The bull’s eyes light up on the rubber bull heads and smoke can be emitted from the bull’s nose. All bulls have rocking, bucking and spinning motions. One stop button is located on the control panel and one on the bull itself near the rubber bull heads. The motor runs more efficiently and has more horsepower because it runs by a special drive shaft mechanism vs. belts and chains.

Inflatable slides and the 4 in 1 Bungee Trampoline

Our inflatables include a 30 foot inflatable slide, a 60 foot obstacle course and a joust. The Bungee Trampoline comes on a trailer for easy transport and quick set up. Try our inflatable slides for a guaranteed good time. The inflatable slides are for all ages and can be used by anyone.