All American Rides LLC Mechanical Bulls have Easy Controls

All American Rides LLC is a reputable South Carolina company that manufactures and distributes mechanical bulls. The company offers its bulls for sale and on rent, allowing customers choose the option based on their requirements and budget. When manufacturing mechanical bulls, they take good care of the safety of the riders. Their bulls have easy speed, on/off, and acceleration controls, thus the rider’s safety is guaranteed. All their products are fully engineered (engineering is available upon request). They also have attachment available that are engineered eliminator, orca whale, ect.

Doing an activity you have never performed before can be difficult for you. Likewise, riding on a bull for the first time can be a challenging task, but once you know the technique, there will not be any problem at all. All American mechanical bulls have a speed control option; thus, don’t worry about injuries or damage. Depending upon your riding experience and fitness level, the operator will adjust the speed. Additionally, the bulls have an immediate off option, which stop them immediately when you got a problem even in the middle of the ride.

All American Rides LLC has become the country’s top mechanical bull manufacturer thanks to the loyal customers. Here are some positive reviews of their previous customers:

I have had an All American Bull for 8 years and have ridden probably almost 200,000 people. The bull is used to bring people to our ministry and it has done an excellent job for us without any problems. The results it has given us are priceless.

Kevin Walker

We have an All American Bull. We have operated it for 3 years now without any problems. The bull handles everything we put it threw. We are in Texas where the real cowboys are that very demanding when it comes to bull riding. Our best days the all American bull has made over 3,000.00. Our only complaint is that we use it so much we have to change the real hide every 1 1/2 years. Other than that it more then makes up for that slight maintenance.

Ricky Rubio
(Soundman Entertainment)

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