All American Rides LLC’s Mechanical Bulls are Fully Engineered

When it comes to mechanical bull riding, the pictures of people riding on a mechanical machine and a huge crowd around it come into the mind. Safety is the primary thing you need to ensure when riding a bull. Thus, always purchase or rent mechanical bulls from a reputed company like All American Rides LLC. We are a widely sought after mechanical bull manufacturer and seller across South Carolina and other parts of the country. Our bulls are made of high quality materials, and have attachments available that are also engineered eliminator arm, orca whale ect. So, no matter what kind of bull you want, we can manufacture for you.

We design mechanical bulls keeping in mind the needs of the modern people, and always ensure they get the best. Since the year we started business, we have served thousands of customers. At All American Rides LLC, we strongly believe in customer satisfaction. This is the reason we have more referrals than new customers. We have always received accolades for our mechanical bulls. Here are a few of our customers’ reviews:

I have had an All American Bull for 8 years and have ridden probably almost 200,000 people. The bull is used to bring people to our ministry and it has done an excellent job for us without any problems. The results it has given us are priceless.

Kevin Walker

We have an All American Bull. We have operated it for 3 years now without any problems. The bull handles everything we put it threw. We are in Texas where the real cowboys are that very demanding when it comes to bull riding. Our best days the all American bull has made over 3,000.00. Our only complaint is that we use it so much we have to change the real hide every 1 1/2 years. Other than that it more then makes up for that slight maintenance.

Ricky Rubio
(Soundman Entertainment)

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